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What does Accreditation mean?

Accreditation is a voluntary process through which an medical practice measures the quality of its services against objective standards set by an independent and nationally recognized organization. The accreditation process involves self-assessment by the organization, as well as a thorough review by the Accreditation Association's expert surveyors, who themselves have extensive experience in the ambulatory health care environment.

An accreditation certificate is a symbol that an organization is committed to providing high-quality health care and that it has demonstrated that commitment by measuring up to the Accreditation Association's high standards.

California Ear Institute's IMQ Accreditation

In 2008, California Ear Institute was granted preliminary accreditation by the Institute for Medical Quality (IMQ). IMQ is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of care provided to patients across the continuum of health care. In addition to ambulatory surgery center accreditations, IMQ offers a wide range of of educational programs. After a standard initial six month period, CEI was granted the maximum three year extension to its additional accreditation period. After that time the accreditation was extended another 3 years to June, 2015.