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The posturography is a 20 minute computerized clinical test used to assess balance function. There are 3 components that we use to balance ourselves. These include the muscles and nerves in our legs (somatosensory system), our inner ear of balance (vestibular system), and our vision. The posturography test isolates each one of these to assess where the deficit, if any, may be. The test also evaluates the automatic motor systems ability to recover after sudden unexpected movements.

During testing, the patient stands in a central spot on a platform facing a wall. A harness, similar to that of a parachute, is worn to prevent any falls. The test consists of several different conditions where eyes may be open or closed. In many of the conditions the platform or the wall is manipulated based on the patient’s movement. For example if the patient sways, the background will sway. The patient’s age is entered into the computer prior to testing in order to compare their vestibular, visual and somatosensory responses to those normal to their age.

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Posturography is also very useful in determining a baseline for vestibular rehabilitation therapy and in designing an individual program. By assessing what types of balance strategies are used to balance yourself our vestibular rehab therapist can better choose the types of exercises needed to expedite recovery. Once balance therapy is initiated, posturography testing can be used to assess the patient’s progress by comparing post-therapy testing to the baseline evaluation.

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