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Balance Disorder

Balance Disorder Evaluation – Treatment

Balance is a complex function with input from the visual system, muscle and joint sensory nerves (known as proprioception), and – most importantly – the inner ear (known as the vestibular system). Otologists and Neurotologists are THE medical specialty that deals with balance disturbance evaluation and treatment. Symptoms range from unsteadiness to a sense of motion called vertigo (similar to what we felt after getting off the meri-go-round in grade school). Nausea, vomiting, disorientation, lack of concentration, irritability, personality changes, tinnitus and anxiety may be associated with the disorder.

In addition to a focused History and Physical –Neurotologic Evaluation, medical evaluation includes tests aimed at the functions of the inner ear. In office testing include and Audiogram, Auditory Brainstem Response or Stacked Band Derived Auditory Brainstem Response, Electrocochleography, Video Infra-red Electronystagmography, Posturography, Oto-acoustic Emissions, and various blood tests. Out of office scans such as a CT scan and/or MRI are frequently utilized.

Over 50 causes of balance disturbance are commonly identified by Physicians at CEI. Medical treatment may include oral medication, dietary modification, life-style modification, allergy evaluation and therapy, and vestibular rehabilitation therapy among others. Balance Disorder Surgery is necessary in some cases and is discussed in another location on this site. CEI brings to bear every available resource for the evaluation and treatment of Balance Disorders.


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