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The California Ear Institute is the premier site for evaluation and treatment of hearing loss. Two types of hearing impairment are encountered and are identified with an audiogram and Physician visit. The first, sensorineural hearing loss, or nerve hearing loss, involves a reduction in function of the hearing nerve receptor cells (called hair cells for the small projections seen along their surface) of the inner ear in the cochlea. Many causes of sensorineural hearing loss exist and can be identified by a CEI MD. Secondly, dysfunction of the sound collecting system of the middle ear (the eardrum and the three middle ear bones: the malleus, the incus, and the stapes) may be causative. Frequently, problems with the middle ear system may be addressed with surgery. In some instances, both types of hearing loss exist.

As a first step, it is our goal to reverse hearing impairment as much as possible and / or to avoid ongoing damage. SNHL may be addressed in our integral hearing device centers or with implantable hearing devices. CEI offers the world’s finest hearing aids from the world’s finest Audiologists with a broad range of price and options. Hearing devices have improved dramatically over the last decade and we encourage you to give us the chance to help you.

Many surgical procedures currently used around the world for hearing impairment were pioneered by CEI Surgeon’s. Problems with the eardrum perforation, middle ear bones, cholesteatoma, fluid and chronic infection among others frequently produce hearing impairment. Thousands of patients have had their hearing restored with delicate surgical procedures through the Institute. In a large fraction of patients, the surgical procedure is a revision of a previous surgery that resulted in less than the desired outcome. Many times, damage done by previous disease or surgery can be reconstructed and reversed.

In extreme cases, little to no residual hearing exists producing severe hearing impairment or deafness. Through the Let Them Hear Foundation, CEI provides a miraculous technology that allows restoration of functional sound to deaf patients known as cochlear implants. Cochlear implants have advanced amazingly in the last 5 years, and many patients who previously were not candidates for implantation are receiving devices. The youngest patient to receive a cochlear implant at CEI/LTH is 9 months of age and the oldest is 86 years.




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