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Mastoid Bowl Cleaning

Surgical treatment of certain conditions of the ear require creation of a mastoid bowl where the ear canal is enlarged to include the mastoid space. Newer surgical techniques make this approach infrequent in today’s practice of Otology. Nonetheless, those patients with a mastoid bowl require cleaning on a periodic basis in order to prevent debris build-up and infection (normally the ear is self cleaning but the alteration found in a mastoid bowl takes away the ears ability to clean itself). Removal of debris is best accomplished with the binocular operating microscope found in each CEI clinic room. A surgical procedure, Mastoid Obliteration, has been devised at CEI to reconstruct mastoid bowl defects using the patients’ own bone. In over 90% of cases, this technique alleviates the need for continued cleaning, recurrent infections an some of the other problems associated with mastoid bowls. In over 60% of patients a second procedure, Middle Ear Reconstructive Surgery, improves hearing dramatically following first stage mastoid obliteration.







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