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Dizziness and Balance

Our physicians and audiologists are highly trained and specialized in the evaluation and treatment of patients with auditory deficit, vestibular deficit, and balance related disorders.

What kinds of patients will benefit from this service?

Patients will benefit if they have one of the following symptoms:

  • Dizziness, motion sickness or vertigo sensation
  • History of falling or near falling episode
  • Feeling of imbalance or unsteadiness
  • Tinnitus or “noises” in the ear
  • Hearing loss

Balance Disorder Evaluation & Treatment
Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo
Meniere's Disease
Vestibular Rehabilitation

Why do patients need balance or vestibular training?

One in 10 visits to the doctor includes the complaint of dizziness or imbalance. These symptoms are often dismissed as the insignificant consequence of other disorders or the natural process of aging. Vertigo and associated balance difficulties result in profound disruptions in daily life. Fractures related to falls cause a major loss of independence and often lead to the need for assisted living, occasionally serious injury, and even death. The benefits of balance and vestibular evaluation include, identification of the cause of the symptoms, management of the effects of dizziness, increased functional independence, and prevention of further falls and / or injuries.

What should a patient expect during the initial visit?

During the initial visit, patients will undergo medical evaluation by one of our highly specialized physicians and appropriate audiological and vestibular testing to identify any weakness in the inner ear or other potential cause of symptoms.

What does treatment involve?

Depending on the condition, treatment may involve:

  • Treatment of BPPV with Canalith repositioning exercises
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation or exercises to decrease motion sensitivity, vertigo, and imbalance
  • Education on the prevention of falls and the recurrence of vertigo
  • Medication to minimize or alleviate symptoms
  • In some cases, surgical management may be necessary

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