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Patient Testimonials - Valerie

April 2004

Dear Doctor Roberson,

Where do I find the words to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to you and your wonderful staff for your care and unrelenting devotion, your genuine and constant concern, and for your warmth and love for me as not only a patient but also a person? Do such words exist? Probably not, but I’ll nevertheless try to say what my heart feels so deeply.

Seven years... I have been part of the CEI family for seven years. From the moment I walked through the door for the very first time, I have felt cared about, cared for, and protected. If there is a safe haven in the medical world, it is the California Ear Institute.

My medical history is long and rather intricate, as you know. The California Ear Institute and I have been through medical wars like no other. The ear problems alone are enough to weaken even the strongest and brightest, but your tenacity and perseverance have carried us through some very rough times with a problem that has proved to be baffling and bizarre, challenging and amazing. But we have harnassed it, controlled it, and through patience and diligence have discovered how to manage the problem effectively. Three mastoidectomies, numerous in-office procedures, follow up appointments every two weeks, and loving care, care, care. You and all of CEI are always there with me every step of the way. Guiding and advising, listening, hugging, always concerned and always loving. You are professional, knowledgeable, completely competent, but equally as important, you are also compassionate and kind, gentle and humble, and I trust you with my life. Indeed, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999, I turned to you for advise regarding a general surgeon, and you led me to the best. I honestly believe that I am alive today because of that recommendation. She, like you, is thorough, caring, dedicated, knowledgeable, unrelenting in her care and devotion to her patients. She sent me to the best oncologist on earth, and the rest is history as they say. But it started with you.

It was so important throughout my cancer care–surgery, chemotherapy and radiation–to make sure that my ear didn’t “act up”, which of course, would have created more problems. An already compromised immune system is such an invitation to other illnesses and diseases. Only because of your expertise, competency, and gentle care, did I stay virtually “ear problem free” during nine months of cancer treatments. As I near my fifth year anniversary of being cancer free, I can’t help but think that that very special and treasured moment is so much the sweeter because of all of you at the California Ear Institute. Just where do I find the words to express such deep and genuine
devotion and affection?

You are, without a doubt, the finest physician I have ever known. I’ve worked for some; I’ve been the patient of some; but none is as decent, honest, trustworthy, kind as you. I would gladly travel across the world to keep an appointment with you. The only other people to hold such a place of honor in my heart are my children. I feel truly blessed. You are also very wise. You have the good sense to hire wonderful and deeply caring people, whom your patients trust and respect. For my part, they are cherished and adored by me, for so many reasons, and I am so lucky that they are my friends. They are sunshine to my soul.

Michele and Jennifer at the front desk, and Virginia at the farewell window, who treat each patient with grace and kindness and good cheer; Lydia, who is never without a smile; Teri and Hyacinth, who always make a patient feel comfortable; Jennifer, who compassionately and competently guides a patient through the surgery scheduling process and incomprehensible horrors of insurance companies.; Ken, whose gentle manner calms and reassures; Dr. Murray, whose ease with patients is bettered only by his expertise and concern; Bruna, who is the light and the foundation of CEI... They brighten my days, lift my spirits, hold me close in their hearts even when I am not with them, because they are loving and giving people. They are CEI’s anchor, and you are so blessed and so fortunate that they are a part of your team.

Recently, I learned that you have been nominated for the San Mateo County “People Who Care” Awards–you personally as Individual Professional and the California Ear Institute as Business Professional. I am not in the least surprised. I’ve watched you develop the Let Them Hear Foundation and guide its progress with passion, commitment, and infinite desire to reach those who are hard of hearing or who can’t hear at all. To be able to bring sound into their world, to give them the gift of their mother’s voice or their child’s laughter. And it isn’t enough for you to do what seemed so impossible not too long ago; what also matters to you is to train, to teach others to give this priceless gift, so that sound may reach even the darkest and most silent spot on earth. Your staff and personnel are as dedicated and as devoted as you to your dreams, your goals, and strive with you each day to make them come true. You deserve this honor, as does all of CEI.

Each patient is dear to you. I know that. I trust it. If I lived to be a thousand years old, I could never, ever again be so lucky as to find a doctor as sincere, dedicated, compassionate, as you. You are not only an excellent physician, Dr. Roberson, you are also a good person. The best kind of good person, the kind I would walk through the Gates of Hell for and never complain or ask why. You and your wonderful, extraordinary crew are miracles in my life. My heart is happier because all of you live there. You are a joy, a gift, a blessing.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much.

With respect, admiration, and love,


California Ear Institute