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Patients Traveling to California Ear Institute for Treatment

What if I live a long way from your clinic?

There are many options for traveling when it comes to getting to the California Ear Institute Palo Alto clinic. These options include the three airports that are in the Bay Area, the San Francisco Airport, the Oakland Airport, and the San Jose Airport. Once you are at the airport, there are many ways to get from the airport to our clinic, including limo towncars, taxi cabs, and shuttles.

Office Location

Conveniently located, The California Ear Institute is conveniently located because all Bay Area airports are conveniently located. The San Francisco Airport, the Oakland Airport, and the San Jose Airport are all within twenty to thirty minute cab ride to the office (forty minutes by shuttle or during rush hour traffic).



Luxor Cab
650 344 1414

Yellow Cab
SF- (415) 333-3333
Outside of SF- (650) 583-5555


Super Shuttle
1 800 BLUE VAN
(800) 258-3826

Lincoln Towncar

Black Tie Airport Express (SFO)
(800) 820-3028

Quick Silver Towncar (SFO)
(415) 431-1600

Limo Fiesta (San Jose)
(408) 210-3002

Russell Limo (San Jose)
(408) 275-0155

Flavia Limo (Oakland)

Driving directions

Click here for driving directions from any of the three airports to the California Ear Institute at:

SFO Airport to CEI
Oakland Airport to CEI
San Jose Airport to CEI

Lodging Options

Avatar Hotel (pdf download)
Country Inn & Suites (pdf download)

Four Seasons (pdf download)
Wild Palms Hotel (pdf download)

Restaurant Info

Download the Restaurant Info Guide (pdf)


Download the Area Activities Guide (pdf)

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