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The California Ear Institute offers more specialized services for the treatment of hearing disorders than any other practice in the world. We pride ourselves on our innovation, creativity and stability. Why is this important? Well, our approach is a completely integrated healthcare solution. We employ the finest staff in all aspects of our practice, from the front desk to audiologists to physicians. After a quarter of a million patient visits, we know that this translates into unsurpassed quality of care and customer satisfaction for our patients.

CEI employs surgeons above the 90% percentile. Our surgical team is unique in terms of education, experience, stamina, dedication and creativity. Over 1/3 of surgical cases at CEI have been tried by other surgeons so our failure analysis is second to none. The fact is our unique case mix and ability to offer unique solutions make us the leader in our field.

Ear Conditions & Treatments

The California Ear Institute provides hearing-related services for both congenital and acquired hearing impairments.

Surgical Services

Many Patients have surgical options to treat their hearing loss or balance disorders. CEI is one of the top centers in the country for providing surgical treatment for otology disorders.

Hearing & Balance Center

Our physicians and audiologists are highly trained and specialized in the evaluation and treatment of patients with auditory deficit, vestibular deficit, and balance related disorders.

Audiology Services

Audiological assessment of either hearing loss or balance disorders is essential for your CEI otologist to develop the treatment plan that is right for you.

Ear Hearing Video Education by the California Ear Institute Video Education

CEI is committed to providing the richest education resources for the ear, surgery and general patient education. Visit or online video education library for information about your ear and hearing health.
Medical Studies & Trials

CEI participates in many unique and multi-center clinical trials related to hearing loss.