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Cholesteatoma Resection

Indications for Surgery

Cholesteatoma (non-cancerous cystic tumor of the ear) is an indication that you may need surgery.


This procedure requires a Local Anesthetic.

Surgical Time

The length of this procedure is 1 to 3 hours.

Hospital Admission

A hospital admission is not required, your procedure will be done on an out patient basis.

About the Procedure

Mastoidectomy, Tympanoplasty, Ossicular Chain Reconstruction, Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak Closure in Advanced cases

Side Note

Most resections require removal of the cholesteatoma and reconstruction of the eardrum in the first stage repair. 8-12 months later a second procedure is needed to ensure complete removal of the tumor and reconstruction of the middle ear bones if they have been damaged by the tumor.


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