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Facial Nerve Surgery

Indications for Surgery

Tumors, Infection, Trauma of the Facial Nerve and or Facial Paralysis are all indications that you may need surgery.


This procedure requires General Anesthetic.

Surgical Time

The length of this procedure is 1 to 4 hours.

Hospital Admission

A hospital admission is required for 1 to 3 days, occasionally your procedure can be done on an out patient basis.

About the Procedure

Access to the long and curved course of the facial nerve is provided by Middle Fossa Approach, Transmastoid Approach or approach to the nerve outside the temporal bone in the tissue of the upper neck under the ear

Side Note

Therapeutic interventions may include removal of the boney covering of the nerve (decompression), removal of tumors, and grafting of the facial nerve with a donor nerve (sensory branch to the ear) from the neck which allows the nerve to re-grow to the facial muscles achieving movement of the face.



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