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Mastoid Obliteration

Surgical Procedure

Mastoid Obliteration

Indications for Surgery

Recurrent mastoid bowl infections, Mastoid bowl induced dizziness, recurrent cholesteatoma, desire to return to water exposure, conductive hearing loss.



Surgical Time

1.0-2.5 hours

Hospital Admission


Surgical Procedure

The mastoid bowl (created as a result of previous destructive mastoid surgery) is obliterated by taking bone from behind and above the ear and processing it with antibiotic solution to make a paste-like material. The cavity is sculpted into normal form with the material. The process causes the body to heal the area as if there has been a fracture and reconstruction is accomplished. A new eardrum is frequently needed to maximize results. The first stage surgery is allowed to heal for 6-8 months before middle ear reconstruction is performed which is successful at restoring hearing to functional range in 65% of patients.


The procedure for mastoid obliteration was described by physicians of CEI and offers reconstructive options for patients previously without them.



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