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Tympanostomy Tubes

Surgical Procedure

Tympanostomy Tubes

Indications for Surgery

Recurrent ear infection, chronic middle ear fluid, eustachion tube dysfuntion, aerotitis


Topical in adults (in office), general in children

Surgical Time

5 minutes

Hospital Admission


Surgical Procedure

In children, a mask anesthesia is induced after sedation by Pediatric Anesthesiologists. An incision is made in the ear drum 3 mm in length. A small tube is placed in the eardrum that serves to keep the opening present. After 8-18 months (depending on type of tube used), the tube extrudes and the eardrum heals on its own in the majority of patients.


The most common procedure done in the United States for children. Thousands have been performed at CEI.

Trials: Tympanostomy Tubes Research Study



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