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Founded in 1968 as the first practice to be dedicated solely to Hearing Health care in the United States, The California Ear Institute has provided more than a quarter of a million visits for patients with Surgical, Medical, Hearing Aid, Cochlear Implant, Facial Nerve Disorder, and Cranial Base Disorder needs...Learn more about us and our locations.

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New information on our Hearing & Balance Center

The California Ear Institute is now offering a cutting edge new treatment for patients suffering from Tinnitus.

Atresia Repair / Medpor now combined into ONE surgical procedure

The effect of single sided hearing loss on my child's development?

Advice for patients regarding Ear Candles

Atresia Repair Microtia Conference Schedule

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Joseph Roberson, M.D.
Stuart Ort, M.D.
Collyn Gallant, Au.D.
Theresa Wilksen, Au.D.
Suzanne Keeler


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